Since 1984 our family has taken great pride in the food we serve at Wright’s. We start with the best and freshest ingredients and we take no shortcuts in the preparation of our time tested recipes. Many of these recipes are older than our business as they have been family favorites for generations.

Whether you are headed to Wright’s with a few friends to have lunch with us on our covered patio or you’re entertaining clients at your office or even hosting friends at home please know we are dedicated to providing you with a tasty and memorable experience. Our menu and website selections are just an example of what we can do, please call for special requests, we are always happy to try an accommodate any of your needs.

Know that when you order our Beef Martini that we seasoned and roasted the top round in our ovens and the mushrooms for the sandwich were marinated in butter and white wine. Also when you order our popular Turkey Pecan Salad you can be sure that the turkey was pulled and chopped only after being roasted over night in our ovens. We recommend Pete Wright’s mustard sauce on almost any sandwich and take some home for your own sandwich making.

Wright’s is much more than a sandwich shoppe, we are known widely for our baked goods. Our Lemonade Cake has been our number one seller from day one, a tangy lemon bundt cake with a white lemon icing. Simple, but so good. And don’t miss our Alpine Chocolate Cake or our Cappuccino Chocolate Cake, a unique combination of chocolate, orange and brandy. The list goes on: Strawberry Cake, Red Velvet Cake, Hawaiian Princess, Hummingbird Cake……..We also have a large variety of cupcakes that change daily as well as bars and brownies. Some of our bars are our Cream Cheese Brownie, 7 Layer Square and our Coca~Cola Cake. Please let us ship our Lemonade Cake, Black Russian Cake, or Rum Cake to your out of town friends and family. A Wright’s cake is always a fool proof gift idea.

As this areas oldest lunch spot let us invite you to enjoy what our family has been enjoying for years.

Thank you for joining us.

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